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Barber Vintage Motor Museum Lotus Racers

Auto Museums: Take A Fun Detour Into History

History, speed, engineering, technology, a glimpse of the past and a peak at the future.

No matter where your wheels take you this summer, there’s probably a local auto museum with an interesting story to tell.

teens in car driving

Life-Saving Summer Tips For Your Teen Drivers

Families and their young drivers are mapping out plans for summer vacations after a year of stay-at-home recommendations and closures.

One national safety organization has sounded the alarm on teens anxious to get behind the wheel. 

Make Those Dented Rims Look Like New Again

The wheels on your ride are an investment and make your vehicle look great. A winter of road salt, loose debris, potholes and curbs can turn those beautiful rims into an unsightly safety hazard.

Make those dented, dinged and scraped wheels look like new again.

Fun in the sun

24 Ways To Improve Your Memorial Day Road-Trip

Been a while since your family has packed the car for the open road?

Take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with essential goods now that stay-at-home orders are being relaxed across the fruited plain.

bumpy road

Improve Handling, Tire Wear With New Shock Absorbers

Sometimes drivers can sense their vehicle is not behaving properly. They can feel every bump. Turning seems to make the vehicle float or act “mushy.”

Take a minute to see why it may be time to inspect your vehicle shock absorbers.

Antique vehicles shine at the California Auto Museum

Waxing Poetic: Secrets of Museum Detailer

Some people see a vehicle as a means of getting from Point A to Point B. The detail manager at California Automobile Museum sees them as artwork.

Get a pro’s tips for turning your ride into a show stopper.