Get Bonus FordPass Rewards at Quick Lane Norfolk

Are you using your FordPass Rewards? You should be. Otherwise you could be missing out on big savings plus additional rewards at Quick Lane Norfolk.

Now's the perfect time to redeem those FordPass Rewards--especially with our additional incentives at Quick Lane Norfolk.

"If you use your FordPass Rewards towards a service or repair, we will match up to half of the points used for an additional discount," said Johnathan Drew of Quick Lane Norfolk.

FordPass Rewards, the brand's customer loyalty program, enables users to earn points for things they do every day, then use them for discounted services at Quick Lane Norfolk.

Available as an app, FordPass helps you earn complimentary maintenance and puts Rewards, roadside assistance and connectivity on your smartphone.

Call or come in to see if you have a FordPass Rewards account today.